Toy Cleaning Policy

As a mum you need to be able to concentrate on your fitness without worrying about your baby or toddler.At Mums Squad we minimise the risk of your babies or toddlers getting sick by keeping all our toys, equipment, bibs, blankets and drop sheets clean. We make new play-doh every week and all our toys and blankets are cleaned weekly or as needed.

Here is an outline of our procedures:

  • Blankets are washed using 30℃ water and Nappysan sensitive (or equivalent) and Canesten anti-bacterial and anti-fungal solution. All blankets that become dirty during the week are removed from the toy collection and placed in a plastic packet until wash day and replaced by clean spare blankets kept in the office. 
  • Tarps are cleaned as needed. Nannies check the tarp after every session and clean any marks that they see using gloves and Tissues and Germ-ex solution. Tarps will be cleaned with Germ-ex solution at least every month, or as needed. 
  • Boxes are wiped down weekly using Germ-ex solution and a clean cloth by staff wearing gloves. Boxes are then left to air dry. 
  • If boxes become dirty or sandy between cleans, our nannies empty the boxes and wipe them down with wet wipes.