Sickness & Exclusion Policy

You can come to Mums Squad knowing we have done everything possible to avoid either you, your baby or your toddler, getting sick from a contagious illness, infection or disease. Accordingly if your child has an illness, infection or disease you may not bring them to Mums Squad until you have kept them away for the minimum exclusion periods as set out in the NSW Staying Healthy in Childminding Guidelines. (Click here for more)Staff who are ill will not be allowed to work for the minimum exclusion period.We know that sometimes you may not be aware that your child is ill when you come to one of our sessions. If you later find out that your child is sick, you must email and let us know the details of their condition so we can warn the other mums. At the same time, we will let you know about any sickness, illness or disease that your child may have been exposed to as soon as we are aware of it. We will immediately clean & disinfect any toys and equipment that may have become in contact with the sick child. This will be in addition to our scheduled weekly cleaning of all the toys and equipment. It can be difficult to know whether you should keep your child away from Mums Squad. The government has published a number of exclusion periods for different diseases. Click Here to see them.To help we have outlined the “NSW Staying Healthy in Childminding Guidelines.” In the next two paragraphs please read “Mums Squad” for the words “the Centre”. 

“Some times, Children and Adults need to be away from the centre for the safety of others. This is called exclusion. The “exclusion period” is a minimum period to be away from the centre. However, a child or member of staff may need to stay at home longer than the exclusion period  to recover from an illness.” 

“Recommended exclusion periods are based on the time that a person with a specific disease or condition might be infectious to others. Recommended non-exclusion means there is not a significant risk of infection to others. A person who is not excluded may still need to stay at home because they do not feel well. Some diseases require a medical certificate before the child or adult can be re-admitted to the centre. These diseases are: Diphtheria, Hepatitis A, Polio, Tuberculosis, Typhoid, Paratyphoid.”

The NSW Staying healthy in Childminding Guidelines set out:

  • If one of our staff members becomes ill during a session they will be allowed to leave. We will inform you of the staff members condition so you can watch out for similar symptoms in your child and see if you are happy to continue training without the Nanny being there. All toys will be cleaned using our recommended cleaning product to reduce the risk of cross-infection.
  • If a Mother becomes ill during her session and can not continue but she is able to collect her child, she should do so. 
  • If a Mother becomes ill or injured during a session and is unable to collect her child, the child’s emergency contact will be called to collect them. The child will stay in our care until the emergency contact arrives to collect the child. When the child has been handed over to the emergency contact, the child will no longer be our responsibility. 
  • When dealing with a sick baby, toddler or mother, all staff or required to wear gloves. Upon removal of gloves, staff are to use the anti-bacterial hand sanitizer available in their Nanny Box. 
  • If an outbreak of a contagious illness is reported at Mums Squad, all toys will be cleaned each day using the recommended anti-bacterial product to stop it spreading.