Child Collection Policy

When you are training at Mums Squad to get fit after having children you want to know where your child is and who is responsible for them. Accordingly you are the only person who can pick your child up from a Mums Squad Session. The policy means you will be called out of your session to personally hand over your child to someone who will be caring for your child thereby giving your consent for your child to leave the care and control of Mums Squad.

Here is how it will work: 

  • At the beginning of the session you will hand the child over to your Mums Squad Nannies.
  • If your baby or toddler is to be collected by anyone other than you must leave your session and personally hand the baby/child over to the relative or friend. 
  • If someone turns up unexpectedly to look after or collect your child, you will be called over, out of your exercise session, to assess whether you would like your child to be handed over to that person. 
  • If you do not wish to hand over your child to any person, inform a Mums Squad staff member and the person will be asked to leave the area. If they do not comply, the police will be called and alerted to the situation. 
  • If you want your child to be handed over to anyone you have to do it personally each and every time. 
  • If you are injured or fall ill during a session are unable to collect your baby or toddler, the child will stay with a Mums Squad staff member until your Emergency contact has been called by us and comes to collect your child.  Mums Squad staff will be responsible for the child until the Emergency contact arrives to collect them.

Once your child has been handed over to you Fit4Dreams and Mums Squad will no longer be responsible for your child.