Lost Child Procedure

At Mums Squad safety is paramount. You sign your children in and out. And all toddlers wear one of our bibs so they are readily identifiable. At the same time, we have developed a ‘Lost Child Procedure’ to ensure that we are ready should a child ever go missing whilst in our care. All of our Nannies and personal trainers have been trained to carry out the procedure, so if you have any questions or would like to see the full copy of the Lost Child Procedure, please ask. The procedure is very simple, its basically a step-by-step structured search. The Nanny who discovers a child in Mums Squad’s care is missing becomes the alerting nanny who assumes control of the Lost Child Procedure.

The Alerting Nanny: 

  • Counts and recounts the children;
  • Determines which child is missing;
  • Quickly scans the immediate surroundings for the child;
  • Makes note of the time;
  • Ensures adequate staff is in place to mind the children while the lost child procedure commences. In emergency cases, one staff member may be left alone with each Bub or Tod Squad;
  • Collects all available staff and takes them to the trainer
  • Raises the alarm by quietly telling the trainer which child is missing. It is the trainers job to stay with the mother of the lost child and tell her what’s happened. The trainer will remain honest and positive, offering support and treatment for shock if needed.
  • The Alerting Nanny’s then collects the Lost Child Procedure Envelope from the Bub Squad Nanny Box.
  • Informs the other parents of the situation and what they need to do next by saying this: “Parents ,we have a situation and we will need your co-operation. Please listen carefully, we have a lost child, his/her name is… (The Alerting Nanny then lists all the particulars).  Please come to me one at a time and I will hand you a piece of paper with a location where you have to go and look for the child. Please report back to me when you have looked carefully in your location”. 
  • In make this statement the Alerting Nanny informs parents and other staff of the Child’s particulars eg:
  1. Name;
  2. Age;
  3. Hair Colour;
  4. Eye Colour;
  5. Clothes they are wearing; and
  6. Where they were last seen.
  • The Alerting Nanny then hands out a slip of paper to each mum and available staff, to tell them where to go and look for the missing child. There is a Map of each training area in the Nanny box.
  • Parents and available Staff report back to Alerting Nanny once they have looked in their place. Once they have completed their search they systematically return and collect another search area until the child is found.
  • The procedure must not take more than 10 minutes, If the lost child is not found within these 10 minutes, “000’ must be called and alerted to the situation. An Available staff member is to call the service as the Alerting Nanny will be dealing with the searching parents and other available staff.